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Click To Visit Tupperware Site
Hello guys! I am with Tupperware now. If you are interested with our products, please visit my site and feel free to browse. We have great new products for you. If you are looking for the same product that you have since you have known Tupperware, you'll find it at the site. I bet the products will remind your younger years. Tupperware has been in the business for years and I am glad I became part of it. My Mom loves Tupperware and we had some Tupperware products back in Philippines. So feel free to drop by my site and enjoy browsing. We have business opportunities for you too. Thank you and I'll appreciate it!

Weight Loss

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I lost 18 lbs in 2 months!  I was told that I was hypoglycemic or have low blood sugar. So my doctor and nutritionist recommended a high-protein diet. So there's protein, complex carbohydrate and fruits and veges every meal. It's gonna be 6 small meals per day. That's how I shed off my extra lbs. I need to lose 6 more lbs to be back to my weight before I had babies. My goal is to be healthy and it's making me look sexier too. How cool is that! Visit Inday's Kitchen for healthy meals and recipes. You can also lose weight and stay healthy.

Shoes for Winter

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It's winter time and time to bundle up and keep ourselves warm! It is this time of the year that we shop for winter clothes and shoes not only for ourselves but also for the people we care and love.

Christmas is around the corner so if you are not done with your shopping list yet, don't forget to buy a pair of boots as a gift. I, myself, like to have one as  gift. There are a lot of comfortable shoes for women in stores. You can also get it online which is convenient and comfy to do. Check out the shoes on the picture at schulershoes.com. Buy a new pair for yourself too and don't forget, stay warm to enjoy the holiday seasons to the fullest!

Help for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors

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The world has witnessed the devastation that typhoon Yolanda, code name Haiyan, has left on My beloved Philippine lands. Part of the Southern Mindanao, Northern Mindanao and Central Visayas has been affected early November. Thousands were killed by the powerful storm surge and a lot has left without shelter, and worst, without families especially in Visayas Islands spicifically Tacloban and Leyte. There were news also that an island has been swept and there was no survivor. Dead bodies were everywhere and it's so heartbreaking just watching the videos and pictures.

They say it will take years to rebuild the affected islands. The world was deeply saddened and were able to extend a helping hand. We are greatly thankful to the countries who supported us, helped us and still continuing to show their pure hearts. You can send donations through Red Cross or any other institution or organization that helps the victims of the said typhoon. We are also doing our part. We are raising funds to continue our support to the survivors who are struggling to live and move on. May God bless them and have a peaceful Christmas at least.

Town Fiesta

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It has been five years now that I missed the fiesta at my hometown province in Binuni, Bacolod, Lanao del Norte. Every year, my folks celebrate the town's patron saint's feast. My family visits all my relatives there and enjoy the 2 to 3-day stay in the province. It's a long celebration. Before the fiesta, there are a lot of fun things going on. There are basketball leagues, games, singing competitions, pageants and more. A day after the fiesta, almost all residents enjoy the sea. We pack our left-over food and head to the beach. I like it there, the air is fresh and you get to eat fresh seafood. I remember we go to the seaside bringing rice, salt and vinegar with us. We eat right away the fresh seafood that we catch. Oh How I miss that! I am looking forward to my homecoming soon.

The Philippine Divas

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I was browsing my youtube videos and saw my Divas 4 Divas concert videos. The concert was performed by our talented and popular filipino artists namely Pops Fernandez (Concert Queen), Kuh Ledesma (Pop Diva), Zsa-Zsa Padilla (Divine Diva) and Regine Velasquez(Asia's Song Bird). They had a show three years ago, March 28, 2009 in Pasadena, CA and I, along with my friends who drove there, enjoyed it. A lot of filipinos came at the Pasadena Civic Center and the tickets were sold out ($58, $68, $78, $125). There were booths outside by the sponsors. We were even taken a picture by the GMA7 booth as if we were promoting GMA7. Hope they visit us again for their next USA concert tour.

Driving Test Experience

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I had my 4th driving test (behind-the-wheel) three years ago at downtown's DMV. I took the test in Bakersfield instead of taking it in Arvin which is 25 minutes away from Bakersfield. I failed twice there and would not want to feel disappointed again. I feel sad because we spent more than an hour to get there and take the test but only failed. So I told hubby that this time around, I would take the test at the city's DMV. I was not scared anymore to fail or scared of the people's hearsays that it is difficult to take the test here. But I proved them wrong. It was easy for me to pass the test. I felt confident and relaxed since my mind was occupied with all the cars around me. It was busier though compared in Arvin but it made me feel more relaxed. I didn't have to check my speed always because I had other cars to remind me. I now realized that I feel comfortable driving with more cars than driving alone the street when having the test. I had only 7 minor mistakes and I felt happy to be on the road so smoothly. Thank God I passed the test at last!

Philippine Fastfood

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I miss the Philippine fastfood especially Jollibee! It's like three years now that I visited Jollibee, with my friends, in LA, CA. We visited the places that we used to go always in Philippines like Goldilocks, Chow King and Jollibee. We don't have these here in in town and in Bakersfield so when we had the chance to be closer to LA, we went there and enjoyed the food that we missed for so long. LA is almost a 2-hr drive from Bakersfield. We had a trip to Pasadena so we just drove a few more miles just to get to Eagle Rock Mall where these eating spots are located. I felt like I was in Phi. We'll be back again, hopefully soon. I'm totally craving for it whenever I think about the food. Now, I'm hungry!

Tips: Behind-the-Wheel Test

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I failed my three driving tests (in Arvin, Bakersfield and Arvin again) for I made critical mistakes. So I reapplied last thursday. I got no choice but took the test right away since I was at the DMV already. I passed it before without studying, so I believed that I will pass it again. I have been driving always around town and also the freeways (99, 178, 58). It is a practical test so for those who want to take it and know how to drive already, don't worry much. You'll pass it.

For the driving test, I think luck is needed for me. I always met challenges down the road that made me nervous and failed. Don't feel/show any nervousness cos it will really affect u. The instructor told me to get over my nervousness and needed to take the manual test again. I've been driving well with hubby, but it is really different when I am driving with somebody whom I don't know especially if he's checking on me... Well, If u fail, just don't worry.Try and try and you'll learn a lot of things along the way...If you fail, don't ever quit.

Don't commit the same 3 mistakes I committed:

1. not looking over the shoulder when pulling away from the curb

2. driving too slow ( i didn't see the speed limit sign and i was nervous, i remember the video on youtube that if there is no sign, just drive slow>>>I was overfed with information and was too cautious which I knew too well that I should not be)

3. too nervous that I wanted to finish the test right away and didn't let the pedestrian pass. I was at the 4-way stop signs. I was too unlucky cos that pedestrian was a lady pushing a stroller. She didn't make any eye contact with me but still she tried to cross. It was too late for me to let her pass cos I went ahead already. It was my fault :(

3 tests that I failed that was why I reapplied again. I am hoping to pass the 4th time I need my confidence back lol If i fail, then I will gladly take the test again. I hope you guys would learn from my mistakes... I knew about all these but still, during the test, I completely disregarded it... Hubby couldn't believe I failed again!